These unsolicited reviews are from review sites such as Trip Advisor or YELP, as well as emails that we receive from our customers.

Yelp Review from April 2021--MaryLee S. from Bowling Green, KY

Great service along with excellent food! We got the clam chowder and the Canaveral platter with the huge lobster! Great portions and presentation!

Yelp Review from March 2021--Steve M. from Grant, MI

Great food. Reasonably priced. Friendly staff. Lots of parking. Bacon wrapped shrimp! Crab cakes were great.

Yelp Review from February 2021--Charles H. from Palm Bay, FL

The food, portion sizes, and prices are phenomenal. f you're a seafood fan like myself, it is definitely worth a try.

Yelp Review from January 2021--Rapioville T. from Ocala, FL

The fact that they not only care about making their food tastes so good but also they care about Mother Earth as well by using all biodegradable containers.

Trip Advisor Review from January 2021--Brenda A.

We loved it so much we went back again a couple of nights later!! Everything was very fresh and the atmosphere was great!

Trip Advisor Review from January 2021--Eddie

We have never had a bad experience in this restaurant.

Trip Advisor Review from February 2021-- Diana S.

Everything was outstanding. The saddest part is when my plate was empty. Great food and service.

Trip Advisor Review from March 2021--OUlaw2K

I eat seafood all over the world and this is officially the best seafood I've had in Florida. Not expensive - worth every minute of the wait. Huge variety on the menus - great service - strong drinks - what else could you want! If you are within 1 hour drive it's worth coming here for lunch or dinner!!!

Google Review from April 2021--Laura B.

Broiled rock shrimp, LOTS of corn fritters, and good service - a winning combination.

Google Review from April 2021--Art S.

This restaurant is Amazing. Food 5 stars, Service 5+

Google Review from April 2021--Deb R

Fantastic food, good prices!! Can't wait to go again!!

Google Review from April 2021--Chris D

Best shrimp I have ever had in my entire life. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a batch of 4 dozen Rock Shrimp. Half Broiled and Half Fried.

Google Review from March 2021--Donna J.

So amazing. Awesome. The people there are just so friendly. The service is great!

Google Review from March 2021--Jerry N.

Been coming to Space Coast area for over 20 yrs.. Dixie Crossroads is absolutely the BEST seafood in the area. Excellent family restaurant, reasonable prices, and outstanding service. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Google Review from February 2021--Debi Z.

Excellent good and service! The choice of wild caught seafood is great!

Google Review from January 2021--Kathryn R.

Oh my goodness! Hot corn fritters topped with powdered sugar when you are seated. Decadent rock shrimp with drawn butter. And oysters. Yum!

Facebook Review from April 2021--Amber V.

Great service, great food, clean, everyone following cdc guidelines. First time back after many years and I'm sure not the last! Very enjoyable dinner with family!!

Facebook Review from April 2021-- Stephen S.

We love all their fresh seafood and shrimp especially the rock shrimp. Awesome staff! Our favorite restaurant!

Facebook Review from March 2021-- Don B.

Love coming to Dixie Crossroads whenever I get down to sunny Florida. The food and the service are great and the corn fritters are the best!

Facebook Review from March 2021--John C.

I give it all thumbs up. Great service, great atmosphere, and great food.

Facebook Review from February 2021--Kathryn R.

Broiled rock shrimp--like mini lobster! Hot corn fritters. Oysters. What's not to love!

Facebook Review from February 2021--Charlotte B.

Food was fabulous and our service fantastic!

Facebook Review from January 2021--Mark H.

Been going to Dixie Crossroads more than 20 years. Everything's excellent, every time. Service is awesome. Rock shrimp ROCKS.

Facebook Review from January 2021--Nancy B.

Seafood (or turf food) doesn't get any better!! Lots of choices in how the food is prepared and great sides, plus the fritters! And curbside is delivered in green/non-styrofoam containers, all environmental friendly. This place does it right from stem to stern.