These unsolicited reviews are from review sites such as Trip Advisor or YELP, as well as emails that we receive from our customers.

Yelp review on September 15, 2019 - Lisa P from Cottondale, Fl

Was very politely recommended by locals on the walk in to try the Royal Reds and also the Rock Shrimp. We did and what a treat it was. The sweet aftertaste of RRs was worth it. The Raw Oysters were perfect! We sat in the area located outside of the restaurant because it was busy, yesterday....Saturday! It was quiet and quite private. Exemplary ambiance come here if you want great seafood

Yelp review on August 7, 2019 - Savannah K. from Los Angeles, CA

This place never disappoints! If I am ever in the area, I have to stop by. It's almost always busy when I go, but the staff is effective and efficient in seating customers as quickly as possible! Exceptional service!

Yelp review on August 12, 2019 - Greer C. from Lyle, WA

A great meal after a long and lovely day at NASA and the beach! Along with my margarita I loved the shrimp tomato-based soup....loved the cheesy grits! The pre-dinner gator bites were tasty and my rock shrimp was crazy full of flavor! Our waitress was spot on with anything we needed and very sweet! I loved the funkiness of this restaurant! I will recommend!

Yelp review on April 20, 2019 - Leslie M from Fairfax, Va

We had a fabulous dinner. The entire bunch enjoyed every dish - and we can be a picky bunch. Rock shrimp rocked! Corn fritters were warm and yummy. Wait staff were pleasant. We will be back and will recommend to friends. Thank you!

Yelp review on March 18, 2019 - Jenny W. from Belfast, Maine

You will find delicious Shrimp and Grits at Dixie Crossroads Restaurant, and the Red Royal Shrimp are tender and sweet. Complimentary Corn Fritters arrive at the table deliciously drenched in confectioners’ sugar. Service is friendly and attentive. Dixie Crossroads is a great place to take a large family, too.

Yelp review March 11, 2019 - Carrey R. from Titusville, Florida

My Husband and I are locals. We eat at Dixie Cross Roads at least once a month and are always very satisfied. Great service and great food every time.

Yelp review on February 22, 2019 - Dee S. from Odon, Indiana

Food at Dixie Crossroads is delicious. We had the rock shrimp and it was the best shrimp I've ever had. We also chowed down on their amazing corn fritters. Kiddos loved that they gave away free fish food to throw to the fish and turtles. Overall, it was a great visit and we will be back next time we visit Florida.

Google review from Kevin W. - October 2019

Love this place! Great food and service. There's a reason they are still there after all these years.

Google review from Chis K. - November 2019 

Excellent food and friendly wait staff. Highly recommend if you're looking for a nice seafood dinner. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience.

Google review from Deborah S. - October 2019

Great family restaurant!

Google review from Michael S. - September 2019

This place was amazing. The shrimp Po Boy was off the hook. Great place to have lunch with my dad after over a decade.

Google review from Chet T. - August 2019

There is a reason it's recognized as one of the best seafood restaurants in Florida and once again it fulfilled all expectations. Superb service and shrimp straight from the boat. It doesn't get any better. A go to must on the Space Coast.

Google review from Bob and Mary K. - July 2019

The Royal Red shrimp, the salmon, the char grilled oysters, the fritters, the cheese grits, the wine....all was oh so good. And the service? Outstanding!! We had fun eating there!

Google review from Jim S. - July 2019 

Rock Shrimp is awesome. A little known delicacy. Great art, historic photos & testimonials from the famous customers ranging from Astronauts to Deadliest Catch stars line the walls. Well worth the hour long trip to get there.

Google review from Jack J. - May 2019

Simply some of the best seafood ever, especially the Rock shrimp. Absolutely worth the wait. 

Raen from Trip Advisor - November 2019 

Don't miss this, the most DELICIOUS shrimp in the world!

My husband and I were on a Southern road trip and literally LUCKED out when we found Dixie Crossroads. The corn fritters were piping hot and so delicious ~ reminded me of the fritters my mom used to make. The rock shrimp blew my mind ~ I have never had anything some flavorful and perfect, we are making a special trip next summer so my daughter can experience this amazing restaurant. BIG parking lot, lots of people, but our wait was short because they have so much seating. Do not miss this unique, seafood experience ~ you will be happy you stopped!

She573 from Trip Advisor - August 2019

Beach day with lunch at Dixie Crossroads

After a wonderful beach time we stopped at Dixie Crossroads for lunch! We had a fun time feeding the fish and turtles with the free fish food they provided! The seafood was awesome especially the ROCK SHRIMP!! Kids are served in a frisbee they get to keep!! Great clean atmosphere! Surrounded by lots of art of sea and beach life! Staff very pleasant and never were our glasses empty!

R. Posey from Trip Advisor - July 2019

Visited 3 times in 2 weeks

We were in town for the rocket launches and ate at Dixie Crossroads 3 times in one week. We got the Cape Canaveral platter with lobster for$39! We shared it between the 2 of us and still had food left over. The Old Bay seasoning and having them broiled is the way to go! Make sure to peel the rock shrimp while they are hot. They ate harder to peel the cooler they become.

Karen S. from Trip Advisor - March 2019

So good, we went back the next day!

This was some of the best seafood and the best value we have ever experienced! The service was exceptional as well. We loved it so much we brought our friends back with us for lunch the next day! The experience on day two was just as wonderful. We tried the shrimp and grits and they were the best I have ever eaten. Tried rock shrimp for the first time and loved it!!! 

Dennis S. from Trip Advisor - February 2019

Family Friendly and plenty of room

Great family friendly restaurant with a large selection of seafood dishes. Try the lobster, great flavor and reasonably priced. Fantastic service from all there. Deserts are to die for!

Tammy D. from Facebook - October 2019

We love to eat at Dixie Crossroads. We discovered the restaurant in Fall of 2018. We have stopped every time we have passed through the area in the past year. The scallops and rock shrimp are my favorite. My husband likes the lobster and my daughters like the crab legs. My mom and dad like the clam chowder. Great food!

Butch E. from Facebook - October 2019

Love this place. We live in Leesburg and take the bike there at least twice a month. Love the food.

Lori H. from Facebook - September 2019

Amazing food and atmosphere! The rock shrimp is to die for and what they are famous for, also try the amazing corn fritters with powdered sugar. Very nostalgia restaurant with all of the astronaut photos and items! This restaurant has been around for 50 years or so. That alone should tell you that the trip alone is so worth it!!!

Eva M. from Facebook - August 2019

Food and service were both outstanding. One of the cleanest restaurants I've been in. I will definitely be going back.

Amy B. from Facebook - July 2019 

The food was awesome. Friendly environment, good service, I could go on and on about this restaurant!!! If you haven't tried it you should.

Hope S. from Facebook - July 2019

Wonderful staff, food is delicious and so much to pick from! Nice for large groups and it doesn’t scare them. They handle large groups professionally.

Jerry S. from Facebook - July 2019

Food was great. The fritters never end. Menu is great and has something for everyone.